We are HF Healthcare Services

HF Healthcare Services is a low-profit corporation created to facilitate Humanity First USA and Humanity First International with the building of healthcare facilities worldwide. Humanity First is a charity organization serving over fifty countries worldwide, providing immediate disaster relief while also developing and nurturing long-term projects dedicated to healthcare, education, clean water, vocational training, and the care of orphans.

Message From President

In times like these, I am honored to be serving as the President of HF Healthcare Services so we can work to support and provide healthcare opportunities across the globe. Our vision is to provide sustainable healthcare facilities that show integrity, care, stewardship in partnership with the communities we are serving. This website focuses on what we do best, establishing healthcare facilities that demonstrate exceptional value in underprivileged communities.
Since the inception of HF Healthcare Services, our goal has been to enhance the well-being of underprivileged communities worldwide by providing them affordable, accessible, and quality healthcare. Our core values help foster a motivational and engaging workplace that positively influences people sharing the same values and has helped us gain a large volunteer base to support our mission globally.
Join in our journey to make a difference.

Our Global Presence