Nasir Hospitalย 

The Nasir Hospital project aims to strengthen and expand Humanity Firstโ€™s vision of providing medical services to underserved communities in need. Dedicated to providing equitable access to health care for Guatemalans, the establishment of this hospital will allow Humanity First to serve both the short-term and long-term health care needs of the local Guatemalan communities.

The hospital structure houses a 27-bed inpatient unit, adjacent to a surgical zone, which includes a maternal and prenatal ward. The remainder of the building will house outpatient services, which offers the opportunity for Humanity First to expand their preventive and clinical services. Previously serving local community members through make-shift medical and surgical clinics, Nasir Hospital now allows Humanity First to provide this care in a high quality and consistent manner.

Nasir Hospital is a 24/7 emergency and surgical obstetrical care facility. Humanity First hospital staff is made up of local physicians, nurses, and administrators who are working hand-in-hand with our international volunteer base of more than 400 physicians worldwide to bring quality care to the community. Overall, the program and operational goal of the project specifically focuses on an efficient delivery model, with an emphasis on equitable access to healthcare for all Guatemalans. Inaugurated in 2018 we have started to serve the patients.ย