Masroor Eye Institute

Masroor Eye Institute Burkina Faso

In Febrary 2018, HF Healthcare signed a project management contract with Ansarullah UK a charitable organizacion based in London, United Kingdom for the construction and commissioning of a state of the art care facility, Masroor Eye Institute. We are hoping to commission this West African premium training institute by the end of 2020.

Ivory Coast Hospital

Ivory Coast Hospital Yopougon

The construction of a hospital in Yopougon, Ivory Coast, is another example of collaboration between Humanity First and HF Healthcare Services. The combined teams are working diligently with local architects and engineers to review the hospital site and assess the excavation work for the foundation of yet another humanitarian project.


HF Healthcare Services is working on the planning and development of other humanitarian projects in Liberia, hoping to start construction in the near future.