Humanity FIrst Healthcare launches Global Access Healthcare at Nasir Hospital Guatemala. This program caters to un/underinsured patients seeking high quality and affordable healthcare. Insurance and healthcare costs have soared in the US and have left many families without access to affordable options. HF Healthcare hopes to mitigate this with providing healthcare through the medical staff and services at Nasir Hospital in Guatemala.

Program Overview:

Step 1: REFER – Healthcare professionals participating in the program provide information about GHA to potential patients and refer them to the program.

Step 2: INQUIRE – Patients interested in the program can connect with the GHA registration portal to begin preliminary registration and obtain information about the potential care and service costs.

Step 3: SCHEDULE – The GHA at Nasir Hospital arranges preliminary testing, virtual consultations, and procedure dates.

Step 4: PLAN – The GHA team assists patients and their families with travel, accommodation, and all other logistics for their visit to Guatemala.

Step 5: ACCESS – The GHA team, along with the staff at Nasir Hospital, ensures quality care and support throughout the entire process, from initial interest to recovery and rehabilitation.

GHA is gearing up to offer a range of healthcare services, including dental, vision, orthopedic, OB/GYN, and more. Additionally, GHA provides comprehensive rehabilitation services and tourism packages for patients and their families.

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